Our Solutions


See where your fleet members are right now

Simple Mapping

See your fleet members where they are right now. Simple to use and always available on all devices.

Activity and Compliance Reporting

Summary Report of fleet and driver activity including HOS compliance, inspections, idle start/end, geofence entries and exits.

Track Maintenance Activity

Track important maintenance items by mileage difference, engine time interval or calendar time intervals.

History Tracking and Analysis

Perform historical queries and analyze your fleet’s traffic patterns to spot and rectify any inefficiencies.

J1939 Fault Reports

View all J1939 faults and lamps for your fleet in real time. Get notifications for important faults delivered straight to your inbox.

Fuel Economy Breakdown

Fuel Economy split into fuel used while Idle, driving and while running PTO (Power Take Off)


Track Your Assets Directly to Their Drop Off Point

Supply Chain Integrity

Lower the risk of loss or damage to perishable shipments and improve supply chain integrity with IoT sensors.

Find Your Shipments At Any Point In Time

Track shipments in real time or through historical data playback to verify compliance and delivery.

Real Time Shipment Information

Get notifications on shipments that are enroute, delayed or approaching environmental thresholds for compliance.

Track Shipments to Delivery

Know exactly where your vehicles dropped off your shipments


Passenger count

Through our partner, Urban Transportation Associates, Inc (UTA) we provide reliable processors, wireless communication and data transfer mechanisms to provides transit authorities with reliable APC (automatic passenger counting) systems.).